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How To Create A Social Video Content Campaign With Meaning

Many brands are now realizing the value of content and specifically video content as part of the brand story and contribution to business success but many are still unsure how to really use content to engage and entertain whilst still bring the overall brand message. For content marketing success, content and content strategy needs to be at the heart of the marketing mix. Within this, video content strategy is becoming more important, driven by improvements in technology, video delivery and people’s consumption habits, video is now the key to content marketing success.

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How to Create an Overnight Success

Captiv8 has helped achieve a standout hit for Universal Pictures International for the movie release Fifty Shades of Grey which delivered a record breaking $10.4M AUS opening, exceeding industry expectations, breaking many records including the biggest February debut ever, the second biggest opening for Universal, and the second biggest MA15+ opening of all time.

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How To Get The Whole World At Your Fingertips

At Captiv8, we get all sorts of interesting project requests from a diverse range of clients – small to large, breathtaking to bizarre, and everything in between. As we pride ourselves on being digital content natives, we delight in finding ways to implement any new or emerging technology into a project strategy. Of course we avoid using new technology just to use it, preferring to identify how it can be harnessed to complement the overall message and client objective.

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