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Events Go Viral with RELAY Amplification

By Jules Batstone
10 July 2014
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So you want your audience to not only engage with your brand but also share the good word socially? Then you’ve got to give them something worth sharing and make it damn easy to do so.

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The Art and Science of Movie Trailers

By Uthayan Selvaraj
5 June 2014
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Pre Internet age you had to head to the local cinema to watch a trailer, then wait months before the actual movie was released. Nowadays, it is as easy as going online, anywhere and anytime to watch a trailer or to buy a ticket.

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Creating Great Content, It's What We Do

By Mike Corte
20 May 2014
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The story of Colgate being a trusted brand for over 50 years giving millions of Australians a healthy smile was shareable through the social environment with a competition that allowed people to re-create their old school photo.

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