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Amazon AWS Summit Sydney 2014 in Review - 3 Key Takeaways

By Jeff Shillitto
11 April 2014
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On a scale of 1 to 10 how big is Amazon these days? According to Gardner research it is now 5 times bigger than the next fourteen biggest competitors combined. That’s big, and if the turnout at this year’s Amazon AWS Summit here in Sydney is anything to go by they are set to continue their game changing global domination.

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How to Customise your YouTube Channel for Maximum Engagement

By Jeff Shillitto
2 April 2014
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A quickstart guide to help you ensure your brand is taking full advantage of the new features of YouTube's One Channel to help you engage with your audience and subscribers as well as ensure your Channels design and layout works seamlessly across devices.

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Ideas that Spread, Win!

By Ryan Bodger
20 February 2014
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Can you get your idea to spread or not? This is a question that sits at the heart of just about every project I touch these days. Brands all over are looking for clever ways to reach more customers and get their ‘story’ and their ‘message’ out there.

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